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Ted Cruz Wants To Spy On Muslim Americans, NYC Says No Way

GOP candidate Ted Cruz proposed that surveillance on Muslim Americans be reinstituted in New York City. Cruz said that current Mayor, Bill De Blasio rescinded the practice in an effort to be politically correct. A spokesperson for the mayors office responded by saying that the "PC" accusation is without merit and untrue. Mayoral spokesperson, Monica Klein stated, ""Now we know why everyone is calling Ted Cruz a liar," a reference to Donald Trump frequently calling Cruz, "Lyin Ted". The reason why the spying program was stopped was because of the rash of lawsuits it caused and because most citizens felt it was unfair to target Muslim Americans. Even the NYPD scorned the practice and felt it necessary to set Cruz straight. Commissioner Bill Bratton stated, "The statements [Ted Cruz] made today is why he won't become president of this country,"

Source: Inform

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